Thank you for visiting our website. Interested in placing an ATM in your business, at Capital ATMs USA, we strive to help our customers with all their ATM needs. We have lease/purchase options available. We have the capability to process debit/credit cards for your purchase or we have a leasing option also. We handle all the paperwork and processing for you.

The first question you may ask yourself when deciding to purchase an ATM is what costs are associated with buying an ATM? And you may also wonder how the process works, how do I get my money? What type of bookkeeping is involved? Is there a warranty? These as well as many other topics will be covered in this blog post, if you’re interested in purchasing an ATM but want all the facts before making that decision, you are in the right place!!!

We recommend the GenMega G2500. This machine has a 1,000 Note Removable Cassette, 8″ 32-bit Color High Res LCD Screen, 12 Month Warranty, e-lock combo lock, One Roll of Paper, Integrated Topper, and EMV Card Reader. We use these machines in our locations. The cost of the GenMega G2500 ATM is $2300. The paper roll that comes with the machine will last for a while, but when you  need paper, we have paper rolls available for $5.00 a roll.

Bookkeeping for an ATM is simple. You will need a bank account for the vault cash to settle into and your regular operating account can be used for the surcharge deposit. We recommend that you get the surcharge deposit monthly; that will keep the reconciling of your account simple. The vault cash account will be a daily deposit and is deposited into your account the following day of transactions. The settlement time every day is from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, it is a 24 hour cycle. There will be access to the processing website for specific reports (i.e. Detail Transaction Report, Transaction Summary Reports, and ACH (Deposit) Reports) to reconcile the transactions to the deposits.

As far as the terminal surcharge fees, I would imagine you want to be competitive with the area, you would need to research in your area to see what the other ATMs are charging.  The amount of money in the machine would be determined by the amount of money being withdrawn. This machine will hold 1,000 bills. If you choose to put the money in yourself, all the surcharge revenue would go to you. We have detailed instructions that are provided for loading the machine with cash.

We are looking forward to helping you increase your business profitability with the right ATM. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me at 256.766.0010.

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