Do you need ATM merchant services for your business? CAPITAL ATMs USA provides you with a working channel to make transaction processing easy for you and your ATM users. Our highly proficient team will deliver efficient solutions related to financial services and will cater all that matters from credit card acceptance to debit card transactions. We strive to provide a completely secure, efficient and user-friendly system to all our merchants.

All our merchants receive a processing statement once each month that shows you exactly how your ATM is doing. At Capital ATMs we can be reached at any time to explain or answer your concerns.

What are ATM Merchant Services and how can they help you?

  • Processing Needs:

    Capital ATMs USA’s ATM Merchant Services start with our unbeatable processing! Your ATM is only as good as the processor handling all of your transactions. We delivery the fastest speed, safest security, and the best reliability for our clients.

    What value does having a great processor add, you may ask. Well it’s very simple. Having a poor processor would cause your customers to have slow and often failed transactions which would make them go to another ATM at a different place of business, thereby you losing customers in your business!

    Need a way to process your debit/credit card transactions? Do you have the capability to process EMV transactions? We offer fully compatible EMV processing through our ATM merchant services that are also ADA complaint.

    Are you paying too much for your current processing needs? If you are paying each time a customer uses his or her card your business is losing money! We offer to switch your services to our ATM merchant processing for FREE! You will no longer have to pay for processing cards and you EARN INCOME on each approved transaction!!!

    Capital ATMs USA takes care of all of the processing for you, you no longer have to keep track of credit and debit card transactions which is also profitable for your business because you are freeing up valuable time for yourself and your employees to do more important things. WHY WOULDN’T YOU SWITCH?!

    Contact Capital ATMs now to see how we can get you started earning more income for your business and how we can turn a deficit into a surplus!

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  • 24/7 Customer Support:

    Capital ATMs USA’s ATM Merchant Services also come with 24/7 customer support! The processor we use is online 24/7 allowing you to check your balance on your ATM and the transactions whenever you would like! We also set-up email alerts for your ATM machine that will send you an email notification if your ATM goes below a certain dollar amount that you specify, if your ATM reports any errors, and also if your ATM is inactive for a certain period of time. You will never miss an ATM problem again!

    Capital ATMs USA also believes that customer service is our number one priority! That is why our tagline is Integrity Counts! Our ATM experts will be there for all of your ATM questions and needs, whether you purchase, lease, or have one of our ATMs placed in your location, we will always be here to help you in any way possible. And we guarantee that if you reach out to us you will get a quick and efficient response time.

    Contact Capital ATMs now to see how we can go above and beyond to help with all your ATM needs!

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  • Wireless Service:

    Capital ATMs USA’s ATM Merchant Services offers wireless services. This means that you are guaranteed to get a signal to your ATM machine without using an internet connection and slowing down your business connection. Our wireless services also allows to continue processing credit and debit card transactions where a phone line or internet connection is not available.

    Capital ATMs USA’s wireless services are even capable of processing transactions in remote and rural locations so you can never miss a transaction because of your location again!

    Contact Capital ATMs now to see if our wireless services fit your business needs!

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