ATM Vault Cash Services: We fill your ATM with our cash that means, you can use your cash to work on your business instead.
Our research tells us that the average return is only 1.5% (ROI) on $4000 per week if you load your own ATM each month.
Your $2000 $4000 or $10000 could be reinvested for a better return on a new product line in your business instead.
Our funds work for you in your ATM. No Risk * No trouble * We keep all your records for you, and this includes paying the disputes and chargebacks. We take all the “headaches” out of stocking your ATM.

What is Vault Cash?

  • Vault cash is a very important component for ATM owners. It is the money that gives your ATM purpose and how you profit from that ATM. Most ATMs need a very large amount of vault cash to handle the transaction load of the ATM. At Capital ATMs USA we know how important that money can be to your business and having it placed in an ATM may not be the best option for your money.

Why use Vault Cash?

  • The benefits of using vault cash services can be limitless.

    1. Using a vault cash service frees up the money that you were originally investing into your ATM machine in order to be better used to grow your business!
    2. Using a vault cash service means that your ATM never runs out of money, thereby increasing your profits from the ATM by never missing a single transaction!
    3. Using a vault cash service also means that you are not risking your own money to theft by an employee or a break in! Added security to your ATM can also mean you as an ATM owner can worry less about your ATM.
    4. Using a vault cash service also means added safety to yourself and employees by allowing us to transport your money and load your ATM. You would never have to worry about picking up large sums of money for your ATM again!

How Vault Cash works…

  • Getting started with your vault cash services is really easy! If you are ready to start freeing up your money for your business just contact Capital ATMs USA at (256)766-0010 or by using the button below the image. When you contact us we will email you an envelope containing all the relevant information we will need such as what location you would like us to load and we will also include our agreement.

    We take care of the rest! As soon as we get all of your paperwork in and have it processed you will be added to our route and we will keep your ATM stocked so you never have to worry about it.

What does Vault Cash cost?

  • Vault cash services have either monthly fees or an agreed upon terms that can be discussed with one of our ATM sales experts. There will never be any hidden costs, Capital ATMs USA lets you know up front what your ATM vault cash services will cost. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of vault cash services such as the number of ATMs that are being loaded as well as the amount for each ATM. We have unbeatable pricing so contact us today to see how to get your money back to being used for your business!

Why use Capital ATMs USA?

  • Capital ATMs USA believes strongly that customer service should be our first priority. This means we will not let you down! We have also been dealing with ATMs and vault cash services since 1999. Our ATM experts truly know the value of keeping your ATM properly stocked and maximizing transaction volume with little effort on the ATM owners part. We at Capital ATMs USA understand the value of your money and time and would love to help you free both up for more important business matters! Remember at Capital ATMs USA, we believe Integrity Counts and you can count on us!