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Are you ready to purchase your ATM machine? Capital ATMs USA offers ATM Sales and Leasing options to fit all of your ATM needs. We deal with direct sales in which our prices include shipping, programming, processing, and consultation for your business! For the advancement and growth of your business, we provide you the option of lease-to-own ATM machines. Our easy and cost-effective plans will allow you to have a new attractive product and quality ATM machine for little cost. We make this option easy to apply for and readily available to you. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs and see which of our programs is the right one for you. We are optimistic that with our exceptional Sales and Lease-to-Own services, we can help you in achieving satisfaction with low cost and no downtime!

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For more information on ATM prices and models for ATM sales and leasing please visit our ATM pricing page by clicking on the button below.

In order to speed up the process, we are providing you with our free downloadable lease information application. Please feel free to send the completed application to us at in order to receive your new ATM machine even faster! If you have any questions about the lease application or need help filling it out, please call us at (256)766-0010.

For more information about everything you need to know when purchasing an ATM machine through Capital ATMs USA ATM sales and leasing department please visit our blog section below.

Cash Loading Your ATM

Cashloading Your ATM: What you need to know We are often confronted with questions about vault-cashing, also called “cash-loading” your ATM. How do you get the money back that your ATM dispenses? Is there a certain amount that you must place in your ATM? Can my ATM be programmed to dispense other bill amounts? These as well as many other important questions will be addressed Read More

Cashloading your GenMega 2500: Step-by-Step Instructions

So, you purchased your GenMega 2500 ATM machine and it has been delivered fully programmed, now what? You have two options when you own your own ATM machine where adding cash to it is concerned. The first option is to have someone else load their cash in it for an agreed upon fee. This is what we call cashloading or vault services in the ATM Read More

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The benefits of having an ATM Money Machine at your car wash or detailing service is limitless. No matter if you have an “automatic car wash” or a “hands on detailing service,” having an ATM money machine will increase your business and produce EXTRA PROFIT for your company and employees.  Reduced Credit and Debit Card Fees More Tips for Your Employees Increase Cash Transactions Read More

ATM Essentials

Now that you have your ATM in your business an everything is running smoothly, what are the essentials that you may need to replace after a while? Capital ATMs USA explains all the necessary ATM essentials that you are going to need for the life of your ATM. ATM essentials on site that you should be checking and replacing as needed are as follows: 1.Printer Read More

Everything you need to know about purchasing an ATM

Thank you for visiting our website. Interested in placing an ATM in your business, at Capital ATMs USA, we strive to help our customers with all their ATM needs. We have lease/purchase options available. We have the capability to process debit/credit cards for your purchase or we have a leasing option also. We handle all the paperwork and processing for you. The first Read More

What You Need To Know About Starting an ATM Business

Do Your Research and Create a Business Plan. Research funding options, partners, ATM locations, contracts and ATM models. To get started, join ATMIA and visit the ATMIA Market Research Library to access industry statistics, white papers and best practices. Partner with a Registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) / Independent ATM Deployer (IAD). When you are first getting started it pays to have an experienced Read More

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