Now that you have your ATM in your business an everything is running smoothly, what are the essentials that you may need to replace after a while?

Capital ATMs USA explains all the necessary ATM essentials that you are going to need for the life of your ATM.

ATM essentials on site that you should be checking and replacing as needed are as follows:

1.Printer paper. The ATM receipt paper roll can last quite some time, however this will eventually need to be replaced. ATM receipt paper rolls cost around $5.00 per roll but depending on your transaction volume can last a very long time.

2.Check antennas on ATM and reposition if necessary (if you are using a communication device and not a direct connection). When you use a communication device such as an OptConnect communication device for your ATM they require magnetic antennas to go on top of the ATM. This is how the processor receive the information from your ATM and tells it what it need to do with each transaction. Sometimes these antennas can get moved around by customers or employees. If you are having any complications with communication of your ATM these antennas would be the first thing to check. If you notice they have been moved then place them back where you had them in order to get the optimal connection speed and transactions possible.

3.Check bottom of ATM for any irregularities such as cords that need replacing or anything that looks out of the ordinary. Very rarely do any of these parts need to be replaced but it is always good practice to check the cords when you load the ATM with money to ensure that everything is still in good working condition.

4.Check for cleanliness and clean as needed. ATMs can collect a lot of dirt and dust after a while and customers need to be able to see what they are doing on the screen in order for you to get more transactions and more income. Be sure to keep your ATM cleaned periodically to ensure everything keeps running smooth.

5.There is a battery for your vault located inside of the ATM. This needs to be checked periodically to ensure that it is working properly.

6.Additional non-essential optional items for you ATM can include ATM stickers that can be placed on the ATM, the door to your business, and/or gas pumps, ATM signs to hang in the window of your establishment, and many other optional add-ons. For more information about all the additional options that your ATM has contact Capital ATMs USA here: