Why Buy an ATM?

There are many benefits to buying an ATM for small business, here are just a few bulletin points:

  • Customer retention
  • Earn supplemental income
  • New customers
  • Credit card fee savings

So, what do these options tell us? Customer retention-if you are or are planning to become a cash-only business then you do not want a cash-less customer to walk out of your facility in search of an ATM. Having the option for customers to get cash increases the chance that the customer will spend cash in your store.

Earn supplemental income-when you purchase an ATM the ATM surcharge (or fee charged to customers) offers your business a passive, easy way to earn a supplemental income. You will make money every time your ATM has a withdrawal. Depending on how busy your location is and how often your ATM is used will determine just how much income you make off your ATM.

New customers-just having the ATM in your store will draw in new customers who will want to use it. This is especially true of ATMs near cash-only business and/or ATMs that do not have another ATM near the location. When a customer comes in to use your ATM, even if you accept other forms of payment like credit cards and debit cards, it is more likely the customer will make a purchase at your store.

Credit card fee savings-if you already accept debit and credit cards at your store you know how expensive accepting these forms of payment can be. With an ATM in your store there is no need to pay these fees. If you become a cash-only business with a way for customers to get money off of their cards, then not only will you cut out all these expensive fees, but you will make money on it instead.

Making the ATM purchase

When you are ready to buy an ATM, Capital ATMs USA strives for excellent customer service. We will do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible for you. We are an authorized ATM dealer with ATM brands such as GenMega, Nautilus Hyosung, and Hantle ATM machines. Our ATM prices start at $2,300. We deal with direct sales in which our prices include free shipping, programming, processing, and consultation for your business!

                Types of ATMs we offer include free-standing ATMs, through-the-wall model ATMs, as well as bank teller ATMs. Free-standing ATMs is a small enough ATM that it can fit in almost any floor space. Installation of the ATM is quick and painless. Through-the-wall model ATMs are like the ATMs you see on the side of bank or at many carwashes. Installation can be a bit more tedious for these ATMs but works well in outdoor spaces. The bank teller ATM is an industrial new product that can virtually do anything that a bank teller can do. The MX-8000 is the brand of bank teller ATM that we sell and would be a great addition to any financial institution. The variety of ATMs we offer is wide enough to fit any ATM need and budget. I encourage you to visit our pricing page to view some of these ATMs and see which ATM fits your needs the best.

We also offer customizable options such as dual cassettes and security bars for an additional cost. Most businesses, however, only need your standard ATM. The ATM we recommend is the GenMega 2500. It is our cheapest ATM and it is also the type of ATM we use at most of our locations. We recommend this ATM because it is the easiest to use and has the most user-friendly options available. We also offer lease-to-own programs for those who qualify, and monthly payments typically range from $75/month to $150/month dependent on a credit check.

Other Considerations

All our ATMs are shipped to you brand new from the factory. This means that our ATMs are EMV (chip card) ready and ADA compliant. When shopping for ATMs be wary when purchasing your ATM. Some ATM “dealers” will try and sell you a “used” machine at a discounted rate. Older machines that are non-compliant with federal regulations can mean costly upgrades for you. Please be sure that the machine you are buying, whether new or used, it up to all of the current standards.