How do you know if you need an ATM? Ask yourself the following:

• Do your customers ask you 1 or 2 times daily if you have one or where they can find an ATM?
• Do you have lots of customers at least 50  to 100 people each day?
• Do most of your customers prefer to use cash for purchases at your store?
• Are most of your in-store purchases less than $5.00?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions then most likely you need an ATM to help your business grow.

There are options for every business model, event, and service for their ATM needs!

If you want to make money from an ATM without spending thousands to install and maintain it, you can always use an ATM service such as CAPITAL ATMs USA. We’ll install and service the ATM for free while you earn a commission on withdrawals. In many cases we can bring it and install it the very next day you order it!     Call us for a free consultation today! Contact us at 256-766-0010 

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